We provide most of our clients with tailor made solutions. This means we not only configure the components. But we also offer the designs and tailor-made elements of the interior.
    The high-end audio installation will be tuned entirely to the characteristics of each car and the wishes of each customer, making every combination unique. Materials, stitching, logos, customised speaker rings, speaker casings, lighting, moving parts; anything we design can be produced.

    We follow a fixed procedure with each customer when producing a tailor-made audio installation, which ensures that the finished product always is to your liking. As with any project, this starts with a design based on a number of basic principles. The best quality products, the physical and acoustic characteristics of the car and creative ideas will produce a balanced design. This design will not only incorporate the looks and feels, but also the components, sound processor and materials that will be used.

    During the design phase, a large amount of time is spent on final details and high-end finishes. When everything has been completed and tested, we will proceed to tune the installation to the new acoustics of the car and the musical preferences of the customer.
    Eventually, there is nothing left but presenting and demonstrating the final result to the customer, which is always a memorable and satisfying moment for all parties involved.