The most important step in the entire process is tuning your audio installation.
    In this process, we use special measuring equipment by Behringer and Audison, specialised software and directional microphones.

    This is how it works.
    We place a directional microphone in the seats, in which we take the position of the passengers and your particular posture into consideration. We send a test signal through the audio installation and measure how the sound would have reached your ear. The software compares the source signal to the actual signal and will provide insight in the differences.

    The sound signal is always altered by the acoustics of the car. This happens, for instance, caused by reflections of the interior and windows.

    By changing the settings of your sound processor, we adapt the sound signal in such a way that you will experience the music in the exact way the artist intended you to.
    Your tailor-made audio suit is finished as the tuning is completed. At this point, you are more than welcome to visit our showroom and use all your senses to experience and assess the end result.