Acoustic improvement

    Every car has its own acoustic properties, which means the way the sound (vibrations of air) develops in a space. The surroundings determine the sound and reverberation, and therefore determine what you experience.

    We can, of course, not change the shape of your car, but we can improve its acoustic properties.

    We achieve this by implementing muting materials by Dynamat and Silent Coat appropriately. These materials can mute and dampen vibrations (resonance) of the interior and parts of the body work.

    We can also make optimal use of exiting spaces, for instance by turning doors into sound boxes, as if the car were an acoustic instrument. The energy of a speaker will in that case not be lost in the door, but will immediately be turned into pure sound.

    This way, we generate a peak performance from the components, which ensures that you experience the best possible sound in your car.