The development of every high-quality product always begins with considering function and design, based on your specific wishes.
    Are you looking for an factory look or do you want the enhancements to be subtly noticeable? This decision will determine whether the upholstery used distinguishes from or matches the original interior of the car.
    Your musical preferences are also an important factor, as this influences the choice, placement and tuning of the different components. We also take into account the characteristics of your car, such as the proportions and the acoustics.

    We will guide you in your search for the optimal audio solution within your budget.
    We can advise on the optimal specifications for the speakers and subwoofers, calculate the correct thickness of the cables, and design the optimal casings for your subwoofers, all based on your wishes. You reap the benefits of our use of simulation software such as WinISD, our years of experience, and our close contacts with manufacturers.
    As a last step, the design of your tailor-made audio solution will be drawn in 3D design software, which will form the basis for your true audio experience.