Sound processor

    The digital sound processor (DSP) is an essential part of a high-end audio installation. The DSP can be seen as an advanced equaliser.

    No audiosystem produced by any car manufacturer offers the possibility of adding separate, aftermarket amplifiers. We place the DSP in between your original control panel and the amplifiers that we integrate for you. We program the configuration of your audio installation in the DSP, and from this, we are able to direct and adjust every separate component.

    The processors we use offer more possibilities than the human ear is able to distinguish. They offer more than 30 adjustable frequency bands which in different settings can cover an exceptionally wide sound spectrum.
    Tuning the DSP is similar to tuning a delicate piano, and it requires precision and expertise.

    In short, the DSP is a crucial component to your high-end audio installations, which ensures that the sound it produces is clear and balanced.