We only use the best materials and components on the market for your installation. If the materials available to us do not meet our quality standards, we create the materials ourselves, by hand. Wiring is an example of that.
    The importance of high-quality wiring is evident. If the loss in quality in the transportation of signals can be diminished, the quality of the end result will improve.

    This is why we make wires as short as possible, because the shorter the wires, the better the sound. We only use 100% copper wiring with the right casings. These wires are available in the top segment of the market, and are usually integrated in high-end home entertainment systems.

    We combine this wiring with high-quality connectors, and we ensure neatly ordered wiring harnesses.

    We would gladly demonstrate the way we use these life lines in your car during a visit to our showroom.