“Italian performance with Dutch craftsmanship…”

    We have a big heart for Ferrari. Everything about this brand makes our blood pump faster. Stunning design, stunning performance, fantastic history and great cars to drive.

    Sound systems in supercars are often not performing as great as the cars itself. Although we understand audio systems are not a priority for the builders of super cars we also know the loud engine noise is not too exciting at 2000 rpm in 7th gear. Especially when you want to hear your favorite music when you’re cruising.

    For clients who recognize this situation, we have made the perfect solution. We developed high-end sound upgrades for current Ferrari models like the 458 Italia/Spider/Speciale (A), the new 488GTB, FF, F12berlinetta and the California (T).

    We are truly passionate about audio. We are specialized in luxury and sports cars, yachts and residences. Due to our close relationship with the Ferrari Owners Club of United Arab Emirates, we have satisfied many Ferrari owners.

    We work internationally. Our service includes door to door shipping of your car, of course with the highest level of care and security for your belongings. You can choose to have the Installation done in the Netherlands, Dubai and if you prefer another country we’re happy to consult you on the possibilities.

    We offer a wide range of possibilities for making your audio sound perfectly balanced and tailored to your needs. High quality workmanship using only high quality products is what we guarantee. Our high-end audio installations are adjusted to the characteristics of the car and the wishes of the customer. As a result, any combination is unique.

    Your car should not only sound fantastic, in appearance we also do not compromise. We provide design and custom elements to build everything seamlessly into the interior. Much time is spent on the details and high quality finishes. Materials, stitching, logos, customised speaker rings, speaker casings, lighting, moving parts; everything we design can also be produced.