A certain talent for technique became evident when I was still very young. I was constantly tinkering with electronics and mechanics during my childhood. When I began studying electronics at the intermediate technical school at The Hague, I was already convinced that I would be working as an audio engineer in the future. I started working at a company installing car radios right after I finished school. The fact that I was immediately able to combine my studies with my other passion, a passion for cars, was truly the perfect start.

    I learned all the basic techniques during my first seven years of work. More importantly, the job taught me how to work successfully for customers with their own clearly defined wishes and preferences. Customers with the most critical views and passionate ideas reluctantly agreed to the best standard solutions most companies for built-in car audio and hi-fi stores had to offer. I realised then that there was a hole in the market which could be filled by top-quality custom car audio.

    When I had the chance to make a living from my passion, the choice was easy. In 2006, I took a leap of faith and started my own company, Brian’s Custom Audio. With this, another dream became reality. I can now combine high-end audio, cars, creativity and artistic freedom, and to top it all off, I receive recognition from like-minded people for doing a job that feels like a hobby.

    This job allows me to work with different people, different cars and different audio installations on a daily basis. Our customers challenge us regularly to deliver the impossible and it is exactly this diversity that motivates me.

    The free time I do have is dedicated to my girlfriend and daughter, although sometimes I still find the time to make use of my drum set.