Hi, my name is Wesley Toers Bijns and I have been working as a mechanic and engineer since Brian’s Custom Audio was founded.

    Technology and engineering are in my DNA, and have been omnipresent throughout my life. I successfully studied electrical engineering at the intermediate technical school in Leiden, after which I started working at companies for built-in car audio in Zoetermeer. After a similar job at a mobile company for built-in car audio, Brian enthusiastically shared his vision for Brian’s Custom Audio. He asked me to join him in this adventure, and I wholeheartedly accepted the challenge. We have been great colleagues and have worked on many special projects ever since.

    When it comes to music and cars, I am a purist who developed his love for both many years ago. I already started listening to music a lot at a young age, and nowadays still regularly use my turning tables to listen to and create music. Tinkering with scooters, motor bikes and cars on the sidewalk has been upgraded to the high-tech projects we tackle in our workshop and I still derive great satisfaction from every project. More than that, it has become even more of an exciting challenge over the year. To me, everything is about the essence, about purity. I enjoy optimally combining function and design without having to compromise one for the other. This is a view I share with Brian and many of our customers. We strive towards the best possible result, which is always more than gratifying.

    My hopes for the future are to continue using my creativity and experience in my work, because I have learned by now that when I’m happy with the end results, the customer will be as well.